How to continue after failed resume?

Unfortunately this update failed to resume 1/2 through my Line Fill on a 4 hour job (5 W Laser). This morning I resumed the first 4 hour burn just fine. Thought I would update before I burned the second one. Had something that came up the required me to pause the job but the pause icon didn’t change to resume!!! I did grab the xyz position and I am primarily looking for a way to start at:
X:247.85 Y:71.60 Z:0.00 E:0.00 Count X:19828 Y:5728 Z:0
and resume my burn. Please help! Or point me to another forum link to export the GCODE or something.
I found a post for rotating 180 and start from the other side but that is for images only. :frowning:

Do you have this button?


No Blake, I do remember that button but this version 9.09 shows it missing. The Frame buttons have been elongated and both Save GCode and Run GCode are missing.

Thank you! I really hope I’m just blind from panicking so I will look all over now.

Ah, maybe you have beginner mode enabled in settings? Click the gears icon, and the first option in the top left should be Beginner Mode. Disable that if it’s enabled, and see if that fixes it.

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Blake! That was where the button went after the upgrade. Thank you.

Now, the GCODE is filled with Y0.1 and I assume it was moving 1/10th of a mm. I expected to see the actual Y value listed not increments. Can LightBurn export the coordinates in it’s burn for Line Fill?


G1 X-0.06 Y0.1
M106 S255
G1 X4.55
M106 S0
G1 X3.28
M106 S255
G1 X3.65

LightBurn switches to relative moves for fills because they tend to be shorter, requiring less bandwidth to transmit, and allowing slow 8-bit controllers to process faster.

You said, “but that is for images only” - but then you said, “for my fill” - if you are filling all shapes together, you can use the rotate 180 trick too.

Thank you OZ. So there is no way of editing the code to delete all the positions up to where the software failed to resume?

Not easily, no. The plan is to add a button to the preview to ‘Run from here’, but that is complicated to write and will be a while.

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