How to cut a circle from the middle?

Hey guys,

we would like to cut a circle from the middle. This way we would get a pretty nice cut without burning too much in the beginning of the circle.

Can you help us?

I can’t visualize what you’re trying to do. Can you draw a diagram or something to illustrate this?


@berainlb.I think they may be talking about a lead in.

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I considered that too but didn’t seem to correlate to the entirely of the message.

@Andresito, is this the type of thing you’re referring to?

If so, then define “lead-in” settings under Advanced tab in Cut settings for a Line operation.


thank you this is exactly what I was looking for

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the lead in and out are on the wrong side though. How can I change that?

I did it with Minus 53° and 3mm length to get it to the inner side. Maybe there are better options for doing this idk.

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