Lead in with a square

I’m trying to set a lead in from inside a square. You can’t make a negative number larger than 90. Any ideas? Please include a photo if you figure it out.


Thank you, but that only works if you have 5 points. I have 4 points on my rectangle. I don’t understand how they made a 5th point in the middle of the line. Please look at the “H” in the attached file. The left side, I can not get the cut to start inside the yellow box.
HBO.lbrn2 (68.1 KB)

Use Edit Nodes tool to add a node along the length of the H. Then use Set Shape Start tool to set in-line node as starting point.

Also, you’re using tab/bridge on the left side of the H which negates the exercise so assume you’d want to turn that off.

You’ll need to convert the rectangle to path if it’s not already.

Can you explain what “tab/bridge” means?

See the highlighted Toggle below:

Thank you. that got me working.

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