How to De-activate a licence on a damaged computer

I have 2 PC’s both were running Lightburn but only one was connected to my laser, the machine connected to the laser has gone faulty and has been replaced with another PC,I tried to install Lightburn on the replacement PC but when i tried to use my licence key it says they are both in use. How do I de-activate the licence on the Broken computer ? Logged into but unable to find a way of de-activating the old PC.

email sent

although the email i received with my licence key details states this.

  • Hello Gary,

  • Your LightBurn license key is:

  • LightBurn DSP : ------------------------------------------------------------

  • This license allows free updates for 365 days after activating,

  • however the software will continue to work forever.

  • A user account has been created for you at

  • Login with your email address ( and the

  • following password:

  • -------------------------

  • This will allow you to deactivate a license seat if a hard disk fails.

  • Thanks for supporting LightBurn!

But i could not find anyway of deactivating the faulty PC

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