How to eliminate the mirror effect

All my works come out inverse, like a mirror, I don´t know how fix that bug. I Have a Atomstack X20 Pro. Please Help

This is usually caused by the wrong origin in the device settings…

Which ever corner your machine goes to on power up is the origin…


That is’n the problem I have my origin in right spot, but still have the problem

Which is?

The origin determines which quadrant you are operating within. The only thing I know of that causes artwork to be mirrored, is operating in an incorrect quadrant.

Is the image flipped vertically or horizontally?


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It flipped vertically, I’ll try changing spots to see if it works right

It is defined by your machine, not you.

If it’s a vertical flip then it’s across the X axes moving it to the same side but opposite end will probably correct the issue.


I put the origin in the 4 positions, when I change the position, the text changed to a mirror look, in front left position and the text in a mirror way, the work came out ok, but I d not want to work this way

I don’t follow… what way?


writing every thing in mirror look

If everything is correctly configured, it will not have the mirror effect…

Something is amiss with your configuration.

Does your machine home on powerup/reset?


I don’t get what you mean with “on powerup/reset” I’m from Chile and my eanglish is not so good

No problem… your English is much better than any of my Spanish. :face_vomiting:

When you turn the machine on, does the head move to one corner?

This is homing. Many machine will do this so it knows where it is.

Does yours?


Yes it goes to the left front part of the machine

Did you set the origin in the Device Settings of Lightburn to same corner?



Yap just lke that

I guess I’m out of suggestions… let’s see if we can stir up assistance…

I think @berainlb knows these a bit, surely better than I…

Hopefully he will drop by with a suggestion…

Good luck


Please provide the following:

  1. full screenshot of LightBurn with your design loaded and ready to burn
  2. screenshot of Edit->Device Settings
  3. photo of resulting burn

Thanks… wasn’t sure where to go next…


Thank you for getting involved, I’ll send the pictures tomorrow, today I’m not at home