How to get another License

I have installed lightburn in my workshop computer and would like to license it, I have a license copy on my office computer. Is it possible to license both computers? and how do I get another license?

How many computers can I use it on? The license key lets you use the software on up to two computers at once, and it can be easily moved if you get a new computer. If you need to use it on 3 machines, we’re happy to update your license to allow it, at no cost. If you need more seats, or a floating license setup, we can do that too - contact us for pricing and details.


How do I transfer the license to my workshop computer

Go to ‘Help’→’License Management’ page, then select ‘Deactivate’. You can now install and ‘Activate’ the license on the other computer. You also have access to manage the allocation of your license by following this:

My deactivate is grayed out, is this because the program is in trial mode. I tried reinstalling the software but it’s still in trial mode.

Hi Rick, thank you for your quick response to my email.

I still can’t get the license for my new computer, I have tried several times with the cryptlex Portal, but it will not accept my changed Password. I am sure I downloaded the program and payed for it on the Lightburn page.

Your help is greatly appreciated

Regards, Henry

Did you do this? This should get you going. :slight_smile:

I am checking the issue with your portal access and will post back.

You’re only showing active on one computer (a Win10 Laptop, last used today). You have an open seat on your license key, so you should be able to just install and use on another computer now. If you want to remove the old activation we can do that, or you should be able to do that through the license portal, using the same email address you signed up for the forum with.

Thank you Rick for you help, I managed to activate the license, the problem was the automatic installation of gmail address was leaving of the g , I only just noticed. Sorry to put you to so much trouble.
Regards, Henry

Glad you got sorted. :slight_smile:

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