How to get my license number

How can I get my license number, I have to restore my computer and reinstall all my software, how can I reinstall lightburn back to my computer if I don’t t have my license number.

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It will be in the email that was sent to you when you purchased. If you can’t find that email I can re-send it to you. (You should keep a copy of it somewhere)

…and you say “restore my computer” - Has it died? If so, and you didn’t un-license LightBurn on it, a restore will most likely be treated as a new install. If you tell me the name of the machine, I can remove it from the license for you.

I just can’t seem to find the email with the license key, can you please email me my license number.

Please provide name of the machine. :grinning:

The name of my desktop is Wilson-PC

I’ve emailed your license number again. Do you need me to remove “Wilson-PC” from the license? it says it was used today, so I assume you can do the deactivation from your side.

I just purchased a new desktop. How can I deactivate lightburn this n Wilson-PC and install it on my new pc.

The search function is your friend.