How to install Bridge manually onto Libre's LePotato?

i see the IMG file to be burned fro rpi3.
but since i cant afford any rpi at the moment, i got Libre’s LePotato. looks same but not the same. is there any way i can install the Bridge via command lines?
also, i tried virtualCom as seen here. it works on a laptop but refuses to work on a desktop. not sure why so i think Bridge should be a lot more reliable.

The Lightburn bridge is for the Ruida type controllers only… not grbl :face_with_spiral_eyes:


What Jack says about Ruida is valid.

As far as the Bridge itself it’s designed as an appliance and has no command line install process.

Having said that, I don’t think it’s doing anything very low level but relies on some elaborate networking setup that would need to be interface compatible if you want to attempt to stand it up on a different distro.

If you wanted you could do a full distro file compare between a standard Raspberry Pi OS image vs Bridge to see what’s been changed. Then use that to attempt to port to another OS.

Note that I have no idea if this is sanctioned or even permitted in the terms of use so you’d have to check this for yourself.