How to laser engrave a sentence in LB

I would like to engrave sentences in LB. For example, Say i want to Engrave the Pledge of Allegiance onto a piece of 8X10 wood. A font size of about 14 or so. I have looked for tutorials and can’t find any on how to do this. I am new to LB. Can you recommend a tutorial for this?

Thank you

Hi Bill, welcome to Laser Engraving and LightBurn.

First things first, grab yourself a cup of two of your favorite Non Acoholic beverage and settle in.

You need to learn your laser first. You didn’t describe the material you are trying to engrave.

I would HIGHLY recommend doing a “power Scale” on some test wood.

Once you have that, you create a box that’s the size of the wood you wish to engrave. Now, you also need to learn what centering is, absolute coordinates etc. are.

Once you know the basics you need to make sure the wood is in the right place to be engraved.

I can tell you, that with such a low powered diode laser you need to have your power at 100% and speed around 30 mm/sec or so.

Thank you Willie for your reply. I’m not exactly sure which wood I will be using. Sometimes cherry, sometimes maple, sometimes pine etc. Depending on the wood species, I know I will have to change power and speed settings. But first, I wanted to create a file in LB to experiment on.

I expect that I will need to upgrade the laser but this is what I have now. Ya gotta start somewhere, right?
Also, I have a 5.5 watt laser, not a 2.5! I gotta fix that!

You should do a power scale for each type of wood.

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