How to make lightburn engrave from top to bottom instead of bottom to top

I’ve got a Chinese 50w Rudia controller. I’m having issues with soot buildup due to where my air assist is located. Currently my engravings do all shapes from the bottom right corner toward the top. I want my engravings to start at the top and engrave downward. What settings do I need to change in LB to make this happen?

Change the scan angle to 180 degrees in the cut settings window

Thank you very much. I always wondered what that setting did.

Is there any way to make that the default setting for all new projects?


LightBurn will remember the settings on each layer between projects, but if you load an old one with the old setting, then make a new one, it will have remembered the last setting you used.

A better approach is to use the Material Library and just store the settings you like for images as an entry there.

This forum post covers how to set it up and use it:

Thanks Oz. I’ve already got a library going that I add to when I learn new settings. I’ll add this to it also.

Sure would be nice if there was a default setting in the preferences so we would not have to remember to change it. (hint hint).


I will likely add an option to reset everything to defaults when you create a new file - it’s been requested before.

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And if someone like me would like all scans to start from top to bottom, can this be part of the global settings rather than for each cut? you should keep the per-cut direction settings but in global settings we should have the option to scan from top to bottom. frankly, i never really understood the bottom to top scan.

The scan angle handles it all - top to bottom, bottom to top, left to right, and angled are all covered by this single value.

Bottom to top is the default because most machines exhaust toward the rear and pulling smoke over the parts that have just been engraved will cause the smoke to stick to them, either because of wood sap or melted plastic, depending on material.

Bottom to top, for the most common case, provides a cleaner engraving.

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Fair enough. i was not aware of smoke sticking back on.


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