How to use the material library?

I was trying to use the material library in LB and it isn’t doing what I expected. I went to the documentation on GitHub and am still was having problems. There is a video that is linked to from the document but it goes to Vimeo ( Video Tutorial #1: Using the Material Library) but it comes back with a error saying it can’t find the page. I looked on the YouTube page and couldn’t find it either.

I’m just looking for a more in depth description of how to do things in the library and figured that if I saw it being used it would make more sense.

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Hmm, it’s sort of self explanatory i guess? Once you’ve set a layer to the right parameters for a certain material (e.g. cutting 4mm birch plywood), you can save those settings to your material library. Put Birch Plywood in the name, set the material thickness and write ‘Cut’ in the Description box. Next time you want to cut 4mm birch plywood, just select it from the material library and assign it to your current layer.

Is there anything specific you would like to know?

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Generally it works exactly as Jordy says - You create a cut setting that works for you, select it, then click “Create new from layer” and give it a name and a thickness (if appropriate). In this way you can create settings for the different materials and types of cuts you use (light surface marking, image engraving settings for different materials, and cut settings for materials by thickness).

When you want to use a material from the library, you select the cut setting in the Cuts list that you want to apply the material setting to, select an entry in your library, then click Assign to Layer. You can edit the entries in your library at any time.

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I am starting to get the hang of it. It was not clear to me at first how you select the layer from with in the Library. You can’t. You have to select the layer before you go into the library and then do the assignments or creations! It wasn’t intuitive to me… Makes sense to me now.
I would suggest that you add that to the documentation. :grin:

Ah - ok, that’s good feedback.

A question about the library! Do you assign color to the layer or does the Material library just assign the settings to the layer you pick?

That was part of my confusion. You can’t assign the parameters in the library to a layer in the library settings. You have to select the layer (color) in the drawing first, then go into the library and select the the settings you want to be used on that layer.
I hope that makes sense to you.

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