How to mark dot numbers with NEJE 20 W?

Hello guys,

I recently bought a NeJe master 20W and I need to mark/numbering small booklets, from the first to the last page (like in the attached photo) but how can I do with the lightburn software? Online I saw that some laser have a software called EZCAD which includes a specific font (Dot Matrix) to mark with number… with my NeJe I tried to import a jpg file but it doesn’t work… if you can somehow help me.
Thank you in advance!


You need to find that font online and install it on your system that runs Lightburn. Good luck with that, it’s a 4x5 dot matrix that I haven’t seen for decades. You might need to make your own font.

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Just as a test, In this example I used a simple line font and the number 7 + a small circle then used lightburn’s Copy along Path function. Just another way of creating what you’re after if you wont find a native font.

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True, but they are still out there. :wink: Dot Matrix 4x5 | FontStruct

Yeah, I saw that one but it’s not a match for the dot positioning OP had posted. His font is the type used in the original product manufacturing info marking tools, one of the first applications of inkjet technology. THAT was a while ago!

It’s certainly not a big deal to build a dot matrix font. Just draw the 4 x 5 dot grid and “turn on” the dots you want.


And keep in mind that if you want alphabet, you can’t do all the letters on 4 x 5, but can with 5 x 7.


Yep, that was a min ago. I remember the first Centronix printer I saw (1968, '69? I was ten.), zipping back and forth, it was like magic. Consumer-level Inkjet printers, when they hit the market, I knew it was magic. :slight_smile: Never got a personal look (me own eyes) at the early development Exxon, the 42 jet with heated printheads thing. They did a bunch of initial dev work just down the road from the LightBurn Corp HQ, EOS, Exxon Enterprises, Danbury Systems Division late 70’s.

Guys thanks for all your answer.

As I am a “noob” with this software and it is the first time I use a NeJe laser I need a bit more explanation, I understand it may be very easy, but not for me.

Regarding the dot matrix font, even if I find how can i install it in lightburn? I have iOS (MacBook Pro)

Otherwise you suggest me to draw a simple line font and through create it the dots, am I right? Is it something like discussed in this past topic here? Even if material is acrylic instead paper and are not dot matrix seems the same procedure to create dots.

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