How to use lightburn for canvas rather than imgr

Ok, after doing ALOT of tile and canvas tests, i have found the proper speed and power. I have done many tiles with great success so i decided to try out a canvas. I painted it white, then after it dried, painted it black. I used imgr to make the image as follows: upload, resize to 318 and proper dims, seleted NWT painted black, then downloaded the file. Imported into lightburn, set speed and power, then made sure pass through was on. focused the laser and started the etch. It looks bad!!!

I paid for lightburn and i would like to start using it rather than always using imgr. so this leads me to my questions

  1. how do i use light burn for NWT, NWT painted black?
  2. How do i use light burn to etch canvas?

I have the ortur lm2 20 watt 5.5 diode version


This is not a simple answer, as we support a variety of laser systems, which would require slight, yet different settings to maximize the results from the one being used. We do not currently offer a “canvas” button, in this way.

LightBurn does provide powerful tools for image preparation and options for how you what the image output. These should help get you going:

Image Preparation - Redirecting...

Cropping and Masking - Image Masking - LightBurn Software Documentation

And the Cut Settings options for Image Engraving -

And this is worth review as well.

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Thank you. I have been trying to get this to work with poor results from imgr website, while others with my same ortur 20 watt (5.5) laser looks great! the one above was done at 6500/40. A freind of mine in the ortur fb group uses same speed and power and gets amazing results. He uses imgr and then imports to lightburn and DOES NOT USE pass through. he sets the image to stucki mode and sets his dpi to 318 and lets it burn.

i am able to change settings and cut settings within lightburn pretty well, but i just dont know what options are absolutley a MUST for canvas.


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