I am brand new, will pay, need help

I just purchased a laser engraver online. It just arrived from a very slow boat from China. I thought I was buying from an American company that would supply the support and help get me up and running. There is no software, no instructions of any kind and was finally able to get it assembled (19 hrs later) after watching about 9 or 10 videos online of various machines that looked similar to mine. I figured it out I think because Lightburn will find it. Can you recommend someone that I can pay to speak to me in person and spend an hour or so helping me at least knowing that my machine works. I am in a bad position and willing to pay someone to help me out. Please let me know and i will provide my contact info. Your help is appreciated.

Below is a link to the photos of my system so that someone may recognize what I have and be able to offer some help and or advise to get me going.



Hi jeff
Best to put where you are located

Crystal River, Florida (Gulf Coast, Tampa area)

I edited the title of your post for language. Referencing a lack of reproductive experience has nothing to do with this forum, it adds no real value to understanding your inquiry, and is inappropriate.

Please be aware, this is a public forum, accessed by all kinda nice folks of differing ages (yes, kids laser and need assistance as well). Please use appropriate language.

Pictures would also help. Start a Google Drive page for this and you can swap pics as well as other info if needed.

Thank you for the tip. I am brand new to this. I am located in Crystal River, FL. I am seeking someone with knowledge that could assist me with getting a new laser engraver set up and going using Lightburn. I have a 15w CNC Laser and firmware GRBL 1.1

I am willing to pay someone to spend an hour or less to speak to me over the phone or video to help me. I have exhausted the online recourses without success.

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