I am getting the hang of this

Just thought i would share these pics with you all.
I lasered some birds on to a bird table I made and 2 photos on to MDF and ply, don’t know what sort of ply they sold it in 4’x2’ in my local hardware shop.


Congratulations Mark, I think the pictures come out really well.
However, will you be kind enough to also write the used parameters when showing your fine results so that the rest of us can use, compare or correct them if necessary and desired.

Good job! :slight_smile:
the more you do it… the more fun it gets!

Thanks guys I used lightburn
The bird table I did at 2000sp and 80 power and the pictures at 3000sp and 50 power I used gimp and the big gimp plugin for pre prosess but I am trying different setting in lightburn so I can get away from gimp and just use lightburn.

sorry forgot to say ortur master 2 20w

We offer a place in your forum profile where you list your setups. This way, we all can see when offering help, and you don’t have to repeat yourself every time you post. :wink:

Have a look at this section (the entire post is worth review) for instructions:

Did you use grayscale or dither on the photos?

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