I am trying to cut a peoject need some help please

this is my first project . i am trying to create something that need to kind of plexi material
1black plexi 2mm & white plexi 4mm & i am using co2 laser 60w
Now black plexi will be like frame with some cuts inside and white plexi should be mounted(glue) to those cuts(photto attached). my problem is that after cutting them looks like during cuts plexi lose some size(material) and even that i did same size on both colors they will not be fixed on each other they create space. can anyone give me an idea how to fix this please? thanks in advance hope u understand what i need and send some help. wanted to add a video for better idea but can’t upload

You are likely not using a kerf adjustment or using it incorrectly to compensate for laser beam cut size.

Figure out the kerf and they apply 1/2 of the kerf to the object. That moves the tool path out to correct for the kerf.

If the material heats up too much, melts… you need to figure different speed/power to make that the minimum.

It’s a fiddly job to get it set up properly. I know you know what’s happening, but with no settings you’re using, not sure what to tell you…


i have just started on this i didnt know nothing about kerf i learned it about 5h ago😂 not totaly sure but i think i can fix it now i need to measure the size inside on black plexi & than outside on white plexi after it i need to add size of black plexi + size of white plexi / 2 and that ahould be the aize i should add extra to white plexi
at least that what i think i should do
will be hard cause i dont have a laser personaly and im paying someone to cut the parts for me but i will try fixin this

Do you mind posting the .lbrn2 file so I can better see what you’re doing…?

I am assuming you are setting the clear piece into the dark piece. One of the other has to be cut differently for them to fit.


plexizi ook.lbrn2 (76.6 KB)
MILLK.lbrn2 (75.0 KB)

yes thats right i need to find kerf now