I can't adjust the power

I used to have an ortur laser module but it broke so i bought a newone but different brand, but i can not control the output power it seams to be always at 100 and when it star to engrave at the end the laser come back to the starting point but still on and burning, any idea what can i do? Those are my modules

The wiring to the laser is likely incorrect.

Have you checked that the correct wires for each pin match their purpose? Compare the older laser module and the new module for the positions of each wire.

Yes i checked the wires and i think they are correct but i dkn of the voltage may affect

Have you accounted for the 24V vs 12V requirements? If the laser module is not 24V tolerant you can easily damage the module.

I don’t think this would typically cause the problems you’re seeing but it gets unpredictable if you’re running out of spec.

Absolutely … the original is placarded at 24V and the new one is 12V…

I’m assuming it’s probably toast. Might have some tolerance in the pwm voltage, but there is little that can be done for doubling the input voltage…

You would have to lower it’s voltage supply and check that it survived the high voltage applied to it… Semiconductors are rarely double the voltage tolerant.


The fact that it works at all is surprising. Normally these don’t survive 24V at all. I’ve seem some 12V rated lasers accept much higher input voltages so assume they’re doing some voltage regulation in those cases. Just not clear what’s happening here.

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