I can't get the laser to change according to the graphic. My power never changes

I can’t get the $$ settings to take. It keeps saying invalid statement. No list of setting shows except what you see.

You have “K40” listed, but you do not identify the motion control system you are using, nor the firmware and version you use. Please provide more detail and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

I just installed a cohesion 3D board which came with smoothieware. I am using Lightburn to drive the laser. Hope this helps. All the latest versions as far as I know.

Everything seems to work with the exception of the power settings. It will only use the power set on my K40 digital control. Thanks

This is a great resource worth review. The nice folks at Cohesion3D provide a bunch of setup information there and on their forum. :slight_smile:

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