I changed the numbers in Distance in the move tab

I’m not sure if this is my issue or not. But I accidentally changed the numbers in the distance part under the move tab. I am using my rotary and everything is squished together on the final product and not sure what my issue is. Please help.

That number is how far the laser head moves when you click the arrows. Sounds like your rotary is not set up correctly.

I had somebody on here help we awhile back with my rotary. I had my ration set, it was 3,000 now after the distance number was changed, my rotation isn’t correct. I had to change that. Now its at 2065

The distance number doesn’t do anything for the roller settings. I have mine set to 0.5mm-1mm so when I click the arrows on the left side of that window I can fine tune the laser head where I want it.

I’ll post some tips you can do to get it dialed in.

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I use these steps from Lasers123. Only difference is I put some tape and mark 2 lines 80mm apart. I lign up the pointer on one of the lines set the move distance to 80mm and click the appropriate arrow. If the pointer stops on the second line it’s good.

a. In LightBurn, create a rectangle that is 80mm wide x 5mm high.
b. Rotate the design 90-degrees so that the 80mm dimension runs along the round part of the cup.
c. Engrave the design.
d. Measure the rectangle in mm. (For this example, lets say it measured 95mm.)
e. Divide the measurement by 80. (e.g., 95 / 80 = 1.1875)
f. Find your current steps per rotation. (For this example, lets say it is 5000.)
g. Divide your current steps per rotation by the value obtained in step e. (e.g., 5000 / 1.1875 = 4210.53)
h. Test the value calculated in step g as your steps per rotation.

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I’m just not sure what is going on. I’m so frustrated. I had it dialed in and working like a dream 3 weeks ago. I have been working on other projects. Today I needed to change back to cups and Im having issues.

Are the cups different size? I had to readjust for each cup if they were different. If 3000 worked for you before that should be close to where it needs to be.

On mine the average number was 5000. A larger cup was around 5200 and a smaller one was 4800 roughly.

Yes this is the exact ones I was doing. They are the can coolers.

Put some of that blue tape on the cooler. Mark 2 lines 80mm apart.

Set it up on the rotary with the laser pointer lined up with one of the lines. Set the move window distance to 80. Click the appropriate arrow to have the cooler rotate and see if the pointer stops on the second line. If it falls short adjust the steps per rotation.

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Once the steps/rotation are read off the motor driver and the ratio applied these should never need to be changed…

The system is digital up to the output of the motor… then the applied ratio… all that’s needed to compute surface speed is the driving wheel diameter…

Something is off… what are the following values…

  1. motor driver steps/rotation?
  2. ratio of motor to drive wheel
  3. drive wheel diameter

None of these change, except for wear …

I think your issue is probably being set to absolute coordinates… is that the way you are usually configured?

I’d suggest you use the origin button on the Ruida and set the start from to user origin

When the mug is lined up with the X axes and the head is in the right place press origin on the Ruida console… then run your job…

With Absolute Coordinates the machine will place the artwork where it is on in the work area…


The questions I asked are not provided by your screenshot.

Ask if it’s not clear… :wink:


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Did you get this sorted out?

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