I do not have the fill + line option in my menu

I do not have the option to fill + line in my drop down menu…I only see line / fill / offset fill.
Can someone explain what is going on here?
Kind Regards,
R J McFarland

With this new release, we moved and enhanced some of our features a bit. Read below for more:


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Thank You Rick

I was in panic mode for a moment. After watching an older video tutorial on YouTube and the Youtuber mentioned fill + line I thought I was missing out on something LOL. But now I understand after this new update that has changed and hopefully the other option will give the same effect as the video I watched ; ) got my fingers crossed :blush:

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Even better, this change allows for the possibility of doing line+fill (as well as many other combinations) instead of fill+line. There’s an argument that doing line first can create a cleaner burn as the line create an initial channel that is subsequently filled by the fill sublayer. I encourage you to experiment with various ways of doing this.


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