I keep getting this error

Why do I continue to get this out of bounds message, when clearly my burn is within the boundary?
If I click “continue” the laser works as it should.

Because you’re using ‘User Origin’ or ‘Current Position’ mode, and not ‘Absolute Coords’, so the positioning in the workspace is ignored.


You might not have your machine set properly for absolute coords in LightBurn. Do you have the origin macro set up, and have $10=0 set?

Hi Oz,
Thanks for the reply.
I will go back and re-study those instructions.
The crazy thing is, it does not do it 100% of the time.

It’ll be based on where you have the laser positioned, and what the current workspace coordinates of the machine are, and whether it’s been homed or not. It’s possible for the physical position of the machine to not match where the controller thinks it is - especially if it hasn’t been homed or zero’d.

I re-read the instructions and I’m still confused.
I also feel like I’m not explaining myself correctly.
First, I do not have homing or limit switches on my machine.
I personally like to locate the X,Y,Z at the lower left of the individual project.
On my X-Carve, X/0 and Y/0 is in the front (lower) left hand corner.
All dimensions going to the right in X and going to the rear in Y are positive numbers.
If I look at the Lightburn screen the red square is in the lower left hand corner, I’m assuming that lightburn and my machine are correct.
When I set up a job, I locate my X and Y location and then click “set origin” in the move tab. (thinking “that’s my origin”)
I then go to the laser tab and click the lower left button in the “job origin” setting
I set the start from to “user origin”
Now in my pea brain, my laser is now in the X,Y, “home” or “origin” and the laser should start from and go back to that point.
The machine has been working that way for quite a while.
It’s only recently that when a burn is finished, the machine goes off in a different direction instead of going back to the origin.
Also, if I stop the burn for any reason and click the go to origin button, it also takes off in a wild direction.
Again, its been working fine until the last couple of weeks.
I havent done any upgrades or made any changes (that I know of)
I do have macros set up for CNC and LASER.
The only difference between the two buttons is $10=2 for CNC and $10=0 for laser. $13=1 for CNC and $13=0 for laser. $32=0 for CNC and $32=1 for laser.
Sorry for the long winded post, but I’m just missing something.

That’s the bulk of the problem right there - your machine has no idea where it is unless you tell it. ‘Set Origin’ in LightBurn just records the current position and goes back there when a job starts - it does not affect the coordinate system of the machine at all.

To zero the machine, you can:

  • Jog the laser to the front-left position and power cycle it
  • Jog the laser to the front-left position and type G92 X0 Y0 in the console

For the 2nd one, you also need to have $10=0 in the firmware, so the coordinates are reported relative to the work zero, not machine zero - the first one doesn’t need this.

Thanks for the response.
I do have $10=0 in the “laser” macro.
Are you saying that I should also have G92 X0 Y0 in that same macro?

If you power up with the laser head at the front left you won’t need it. If you jog the laser to the front-left, then enter that command, it will set the zero there, so you could add that command to your macro and use it that way, yes. Does that make sense?

I’m going to try that right now.

So I just added the G92 command the macro.
I still got the error message at start up.
I’ll let you know how it finishes up.G92

What do you mean “the error message at start up”? The “might be out of bounds” message? What does the laser report when you click the ‘Get Position’ button in the Move window?

Sorry, Yes the out of bounds message.
I’ve never clicked on the “get position” button.

I just finished a burn and it does the same thing.
It finishes and just goes off into a arbitrary direction.
Time to go in the house now.
Tomorrow is another day.
Thanks for your help.

I wanted you to click the ‘Get Position’ button so I could see what the controller says and try to figure out why this isn’t working as it should.

Hi Oz,
Sorry I couldn’t get out to my shop yesterday.
Was helping my wife get ready for knee surgery.
Hopefully I’ll be able to get out there for a bit today.
I appreciate all your help and definitely want to get tot he bottom of this.

Hi Oz,
Well wife is settled in with her new knee so now I can get a little shop time.
So here is what I did and the results.
I started up the machine and jogged to my X Y zero start point.
I clicked on the “set origin” button
Then clicked on the “Get origin” and it showed X .015 Y 0.00 Z -.516
I jogged the X .015 , reset the origin, and rechecked the “Get Origin” and got he exact same results.
I then burned a tile and when it was done it went back to my origin.
I then set up another job with the exact same origin and ran it.
when it was complete the machineget origin went off on its own again.
I checked the “Get Origin” and got this result.
I hope I’m explaining this correctly.

In Edit > Device Settings, what is your ‘Finish Position’ set to?

Does it make a difference whether or not I’m connected to the machine?
This is not connected. I will be able to get out to the shop in about an hour if it needs connected.

No, that’s just stored in your prefs. Is this the machine you use to run the jobs too? Try turning off ‘Return to Finish Position’ so it doesn’t jog anywhere when it’s done.

Hi Oz,
Yes, this is an X=Carve 750 with a J-Tech 7 watt laser attached.
So I just got out to the shop, made the setting change that you suggested, started up the machine and set my X Y zero “Origin”.
Clicked on the “Get Position” and this is what I got.

The good news is that when I started the burn, I did not the the “out of bounds” message.
I’ll let you know how this ends up after the burn.