I lost control of Master Lazer 2

Hello everyone…

How to cancel a g-code command, from my leisure machine, I was wrong to use lightburn to write and put $24 = 25000, when I wanted to write $24 = 25.000. Now I lost control of it, when restarting my leisurely master 2, it describes a diagonal and it locks in the opposite part of the beginning? How can I solve ? Thanks in advance

You can repeat the process you used and do it again, this time setting as you’d like. Did you try this?

hello Rick

I was wrong to input the command g-code, because I was watching a video and the point was not noticeable :frowning:
the problem is that when it restarts, it starts to define the diagonal and I end up blocking it, maybe because the machine will always read the last g-code command

Restore Defaults
In console, just on USB connection
Connect to LightBurn
Ignore errors (Alarm 9)
Type $RST=*
Press enter

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hello OrturTech

I like your machines, I have MasterLazer1, and recently I acquired MasterLazer2, and I have
already ordered a Ortur Aufero CNC.

thank you very much, it worked:100::heart:

cordial greetings

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