I love this loupe

I don’t know if you follow Russ (Sarbar) on YouTube, but he has some great videos specifically talking about dot size for photo engraving. He is always using a little magnifier to look at his dots and says that they don’t look nearly as clear under a USB microscope as they do under his magnifier. Now, I don’t know what magnifier he’s using but I decided to order something for myself so I could look at my dots. What I got was better than I expected because of the reticle that is built in. It has a grid with lines marked at .1 mm, a .1, .2 and .3 mm spot size, and lines that are .05 and .025 thick. Really makes evaluating dots much easier. Did my best to try to get some photos. Zoom in on these and you’ll see it looks like I’m getting dots that are about .03mm?


Do you have a link to the specific one you got? That’s pretty cool.

Ha, sorry. I totally meant to post that with my original post.


My only complaints are that it’s a wee bit hard to focus my eyes as you get away from the center of the viewing area which is where the .1mm circle is. I wish there were some circles on the reticle closer to the center of the viewing area. The pictures on Amazon do a better job of showing what the full reticle looks like. I’ll also say that when I ordered mine it took about 3 weeks to arrive. Amazon now shows these as available next day for Prime.

I’m not affiliated with this thing in any way and the above link does nothing for me if you buy it when you click it.

Just ordered one!

Russ is the man when it comes to educational videos. I had the exact same sentiments as you @travisr100 regarding his loupe. I like that his was made of metal.

Cheers and Thank you @travisr100


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I was intrigued by that in the videos as well, and ended up getting a microscope calibration slide so I could put it on the object and take a picture.

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Too bad you aren’t getting commission on these? I bought one too! And CamelCamelCamel says the price is pretty good right now as well!

Very curious what everyone else who ordered thinks of it once they get a chance to try it. @thx that slide looks interesting as well. The 10x magnification on this loupe seems to be just about the right amount of magnification for my purpose.

@Stroonzo I have no idea how to set up the commission thing and I’m sure I’d earn about 20 cents for the trouble of setting it up!

If you are patient… it can be found even cheaper.

Do you own a microwave oven? We now live in the:” I want it NOW generation “ in the business world the business who is able to deliver their products/services the fastest gets the job even if the cost is higher. That’s how FED-EX makes their billions .The snail mail in United States loses so much money that the government is constantly subsidizing it.



I know I know… :slight_smile:
Still… since I don’t even have a working CO2 laser at the moment… I am forced to being patient.

How is that for speed? 16 hours and it is in my hand! Thanks for the suggestion on this loupe. It is really nice. I should have had one of these sooner.


Got to love Amazon Prime… got ours yesterday

Pictures of the view don’t do the loupe justice, but here’s what I was able to provide.

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What do you think of it?

Received mine today, very well made, very interesting to look at the differences in the burns- not sure I know what I’m seeing enough to make a difference but pretty cool!