I need some help... My laser fires when the Frame button is clicked

I have a 50w Raycus galvo fiber laser. I am relatively new to Lightburn but have used EZCad2 for a couple of years. Everything has been going great with Lightburn until today.

Earlier when I turned on the power switch to my laser, with my computer being on but not logged in, my fiber laser immediately started firing. I immediately shut off the laser, restarted my computer, and it stopped it from automatically firing when I turn it on. Now, every time I click the “Frame” button, it frames what is to be engraved one time, and then immediately the fiber laser fires and starts engraving. When the “Live Framing” window pops up, the fiber laser will continue to run as if it is in continuous mode or as if it is trying to laser multiple parts. Not only that, the “Stop” button only pauses it while it is pressed, as soon as you let up it lasers again.

Any ideas what is wrong and what I should do???

Try shutting the laser down a couple of times. If that doesn’t work this post might help.

Fiber laser, when framing it starts the engraving and runs continuous - LightBurn Software Questions [OFFICIAL] - LightBurn Software Forum

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