I wanto to fill in a circle, but not completely

I am doing a project where I need to fill in a circle, but I have something inside of it that I don’t want filled in. When I set the circle to full+line, it just blacks out the entire thing. Is it possible to make it fill the circle but set the perimeter of the object inside to net get filled in.
Thank you.

If I am understanding you correctly what I would do is. Ungroup the item you do not want to fill, copy the outside profile only. Paste the copy to the side and change the layer color to the same as the circle. Then regroup the original item. Then select original item and with it selected hold down shift key and also select your new copied profile layer. Now center them both and you should be able to fill the circle around your item.

I just tried this in 9.19. As a test, I drew a circle, then a triangle inside of it. They are both on the same layer. I selected the circle first, then holding down shift, I selected the triangle. I used fill and the preview shows that the circle is filled only around the triangle. I’m not taking away from Glenn’s approach, but this one seemed to work, too. I know that, in the software that I use for my CNC router, this is this approach used to pocket out the circle around the triangle, so this made sense to me.

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Grant I like this approach also. When I answered before I guess I was under the assumption that circle was also being cut out after it was filled in. I probably miss understood the original question.

@weber That’s good of you, Glenn. You may well be correct. Only the OP knows for sure. I am really just learning about Lightburn, but many of its functions are similar to those in the cam/cad software that I use for my router. So, every now and again, I can contribute here. Tks much.

There are a few ways, depending on the source art and the desired outcome. But most need an understanding of how LightBurn uses shape boundaries to define fills. Here is a great illustration.

Another primary way, if using a raster / bitmap image, would be to utilize the ‘Apply Mask to Image’ to punch out anything you want from an existing photograph.

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