Idea: Option to MAXIMIZE travel moves

(Anders Troberg) #1

When working with some materials, heat transfer to surrounding materials is a problem when making cuts close to each other, causing melting or fire (polypropylene did this for me).

So, I thought, would it be doable with an option to maximize travel moves. Cut one shape at one end, then a shape pretty far from it, then another shape way off from them, thus allowing it to cool before the laser comes back.

Would this be useful?

(The more I think about it, maximizing travel moves would work, but is probably not optimal for it. Some other scheme would probably do it better.)

(Nigel Conroy) #2

You could try utilize dot mode for this, Russ Sadler did a video on this and applied it to cutting cardboard and maybe foam (been a while since I watched it). I’ve only used it with cardboard but it works great.

(Anders Troberg) #3

That probably works if the material doesn’t require much power, but if you need more oumpf, it won’t do.

(Hank Morgan) #4

For a similar reason (letting heat dissipate) I’d love to see a “pause” feature between cuts when doing multiple passes, with a place to set the pause time. Run a pass, pause 60 seconds, run second pass, pause 60 seconds, run 3rd pass…

(Rick James) #5

Have a look at this. You have a lot of control over the order of cuts to achieve the desired output you are wanting. I would focus on the ‘Order by Layer’ order and the ‘Order by Priority’ options.

(Anders Troberg) #6

I know about that, but it’s some work, and it’s hard to get it optimal.

What I was hoping was that existing algorithms may work, but you “take from the bottom of the alternatives list”.

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