Tip ‘O the Day - Using Cut Planner


(Rick James) #1

Here is another in a series of useful Tips, Tricks and How-to videos. This video demonstrates the various options in the new cut planner, and shows how and when to use them.

Cut and scan order problem
Cut by Group in Optimizer
Fill Optimization/Shifted Fill
Cut order step and repeat
Cutting lines for flex box
Idea: Option to MAXIMIZE travel moves
Cutting first before it engraves
More detail/perfection
Noobie here with a question about cutting fabric
Whitespace head travel
Minor bug/improvement opportunity
Windows in LightBurn
Optimization help
(Ross) #2


You da man…

that video pointed out my error. I had the scan all shapes at once selected for the scan layer. once changed it to scan groups together, BAM… exactly what I wanted.

Thank you very much for the quick point out of the video. I think i might have to spend some time going over them all. there is just so much information in them.

Thanks again. BTW, the Great Wave is one of my favorite images. I have done some great engravings of it.

(Ray Kholodovsky) closed #3