Identifying controller with no sticker?

Hi, is there a way to tell which Ruida controller I have if there isn’t a sticker?

A picture is worth a thousand words… of the controller and display panel.

The firmware on the display as it boots up will also go a long way. My 6445G firmware stars off with V15. I think the 6442 starts off with V8, but don’t quot me on that.

Thanks! Here are some pics. I’ll run down and fire it up and see what it says when I boot it up.

Looks like a 6442, but not sure. Had a funny / bad thought. What if you had a really intelligent guy putting it together and the label is on the back side? Would it be worth pulling four nuts and turning it enough to see if there is a label on the back? You only have two connectors on the right side, mark them for identification and flip it left after pulling the connectors.

Thanks, Dave. When I fire it up it says RDCV 08.00.52 really quickly. lol

I’ll have my son help me later if I need to pull it apart to look. Right now the only reason I need the number is to download lightburn and set it up on my office computer which isn’t near the laser. We’ll see how it goes.

Do you have LightBurn running on any system currently talking to your laser? If so, you can export the Device Profile for that laser and import this to another computer running LightBurn. And FWIW, the exact model of the Ruida controller is not required or need to be known to set things up.

Not yet, I’ve been running rdworks using a usb stick. I was planning to download the trial version on this computer to get me started, then add it to my old laptop to use connected to the laser later.

I had watched the first two getting started videos the other day and thought that I needed the controller number to set it up manually. I’ll have to go back and watch the videos again. Or just put it on my laptop to start with.

The V8 makes me think 6442, but like I said, don’t take that as gospel. There are a few differences in the Vendor files between models, so you will need to know it eventually.

Might give a shout on the Ruida RDWorks user forum with the firmware numbers. Good chance somebody there will recognize it. Lots of Russ’ jigs and focus tools are there for download as well.

Thanks, Dave. I’ll check out the other forum. I think I was a member there a while back. I hope to get it all sorted out over the weekend.

My money is that is a 6442. Look on the top or bottom edge of the controller and there you may find what you seek:

Thanks, Jeff. I did look, but there is no visible sticker. I wouldn’t be surprised if they hid it on the back.

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