Ikier - Error:20 Unsupported or invalid g-code command found in block. On or near line 0:


Since Ikier and Atomstack are sister companies, I picked this to post, let me know if the post should go somewhere else.

Brand new to lightburn and engraving. Iker K1 pro max 70w machine
I get the [Error:20 Unsupported or invalid g-code command found in block. On or near line 0: error after the current engraving has started and run for 3 or 4 minutes. Made sure rotary was not enabled and GRBL selected. Any help would be appreciated.

Top of the gcode is below, file to large to upload.

; LightBurn 1.5.01
; GRBL device profile, current position
; Bounds: X15.54 Y4.54 to X101.74 Y87.07
G00 G17 G40 G20 G54
; Image @ 4600.002 mm/min, 18% power
G0 X0.6118Y0.1786
; Layer Slate
G1 X0.0755F181.102S0
G1 X0.0094S178.6
G1 X0.0032S176.5
G1 X0.0157S180
G1 X0.0032S175.7
G1 X0.0032S176.5
G1 X0.0031S174.3
G1 X0.0032S173.6
G1 X0.0031S177.2

Check if you enabled gcode clustering in device settings and toggle it.

It is not enabled, so enable it or leave it disabled?

Leave it disabled. To me this is almost certainly a communications issue.

Many potential causes. I’d encourage you to do a search on the site but I’d start with swapping to a high quality USB cable. Are you doing anything unusual on the USB side? Extra long cable or using a hub? If so, eliminate anything like that and try a short high quality cable directly connected to the computer.

I am sure you are correct on the communication issue. It has failed several more times with different errors now. Swapped out the cable and same result. Nothing else on USB and no hub or anything. Computer only running Lightburn when trying to run. Made sure all windows settings are set to not power save on USB ports, drives no sleep or anything as well. Might try a different computer tomorrow.

Switched over to a laptop and everything ran good, looks like it was the PC after all. Will run some more tomorrow to verify. Now I need to find a decent affordable shop PC that will run lightburn correctly.

If you have multiple USB ports make sure you try all of them on the original computer.

You may have exchanged one borderline cable for another. Order a shielded USB cable.

I think what @berainlb is saying is to test any other USB connections on the PC before buying a new one. It is rare for all the USB connections to go bad at the same time.

If you do spring for a new PC, you might be interested in this. Pc=$200, Monitor=$130, and wireless Keyboard + mouse=$30. For about $350, you get a Win11 machine with solid-state drive. I am tempted even though I really don’t need it.

Thanks. Not sure if you linked the PC and the link was stripped or not. Will likely do a new shop PC very soon.

Nope, forgot to put it in!

Thanks for the ideas.
Ironically one of the computers I tried for this (and one I run the routers from) is a micro computer. CHUWI HEROBOX MINI PC Windows 11 Mini Desktop Computer Intel N100 3.4Ghz 8G 256G | eBay
It is a little lighter in specs but has run everything until now with no issues.
I am increasingly convinced that I have a bad controller on the Ikier.
I have tried multiple USB cables, some shielded some not. 3 different computers. Gone through and done all of the optimization things I can find for USB ports, power management and so on. I get the errors before optimizing and after. I get different errors but most common are errors about something incorrect at or near line 0 and between 2 and 6 minutes into a job.
Conversely I have been running a CNC router off of 2 of these computers just using universal gcode sender with no issues (other than operator error) with jobs that were several hours long.

I can export the gcode from lightburn and complete a project that way. Much less desirable especially trying to learn the new machine.

The latest.
I was using Grayscale when getting the different errors. I switched to Stucki on one and then did a new one using Threshold and everything worked as expected.

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