“image optimization”

I don’t find in my version of your software (that I downloaded on the 3rd of march 2021, the button “image optimization”. It’s supposed to be in the laser window, but it’s not.
Where can I fond it ?
Also, the button « return Home », in this same window, sometime disappears…

Thanks for your help !

Are you running in ‘Beginner Mode’? (you would enable / disable that in the settings)

I didn’t even know that exists.
But I am in the trial mode. But it’s not supposed to change anything, is it ?

No, trial mode doesn’t change anything. Can you show me what it is you’re expecting to see, or at least where? (screen shot)

Capture d’écran 2021-03-07 à 06.13.21
Next to absolute coords, is supposed to be the image optimization button (that we can see in the videos you created to explain your software).
This is place (image optimization) where I can tell the laser how to behave, for instance.

here it is in your video: Optimization settings (sorry, and not image optimization)

Capture d’écran 2021-03-09 à 23.34.40

I think you are referencing the ‘Cut Optimization’ button in the ‘Laser’ window. As Oz said, this button is one that gets hidden when you set the ‘Beginner Mode’. Beginner Mode is used to hide some of the more advanced features and options. Here is mine, set both ways, so you can see the difference.

My current setting,

And after I click the ‘Gears’ icon, near the top-center, to expose the ‘Settings’ window and set ‘Beginner Mode’ ON (green),

And this image shows how this change alters the view, hiding the ‘Cut Optimization’ along with other advanced options in LightBurn.

Turn ‘Beginner Mode’ OFF (red) to see this ‘Cut Optimization’.

Thanks ! I will try that. (I can’t now). That’s such a relief, I work on big images with big empty spaces that the laser travel for nothing… and I can go from 60 hours to 1 hour with the help of the cut optimization…
Thanks for your help.

If they are images with empty spaces you want Edit > Device Settings, and turn on the ‘Fast Whitespace’ option - give that a speed to work with, like 4500 mm/min or something faster than the engrave speed.

Images are just scanned left to right, bottom to top, so there’s not much “planning” involved. The Optimization Settings are normally for setting up how cuts are ordered.

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Well, even better. Thanks again, I will try all that.

Can I force the engraver to do top to bottom ?

Do you have a strong reason for this? (You can, yes, but most people don’t realize we do this intentionally to improve engraving quality).

My reason is that I had a problem with engraving after 14 hours and I had to stop. It was at the half of it. Now I have to finish and I can’t… Except going top to bottom and stopping when it reaches what is already done…

There are two ways to do this - the first, as you mentioned, is to engrave in the opposite direction by changing the Scan Angle in the image settings to 180 degrees. That will run top down instead of bottom up.

The more recent way to do this is to use the preview - drag the slider to where the job stopped, then click the ‘Start here’ button at the bottom of the preview window and it will run the job from that point forward.


Ok ! You really helped me here. Thank you :smiley:

Yes, you can do this, change the ‘Scan Angle’ for that layer from 0º to 180º.

From ‘Preview’, slide to where you want the cut to resume and click the ‘Start here’ button for options to Start, Send or Save from that point on.



Hello again. This morning I turned my Ortur 2 on, and the laser tried to go more left than he could, he bumped repeatedly for 10 seconds than stopped. I turned on Lightburn and told the laser to go Home. And he bumped again repeatedly. I told him to scan the image and he went crazy… Do you know what is the problem and how to solve it ?
I sent this message to Ortur but they won’t answer.
I send you a capture of the message I received. Capture d’écran 2021-03-11 à 17.01.53

That says it was unable to home the machine, meaning that the controller tried to move the laser head to bump into the switches on the ends, but they didn’t trigger. That can be something getting in the way of the movement of the laser head, or an issue with the wiring or mounting of the switches.

I checked that. The strange thing is that it begins to bump against the left part of the engraver before it goes down to hit the switch. I’m not sure i’m clear. Is there a way for me to send you a short video ?

There are two switches - one at the left end of the X axis, and one at the front of the Y axis.