“image optimization”

I looked for that and didn’t find it. Do you have an image of where it is ?

Found it !
Thanks !

I have an other question about the laser beam.

How dangerous is it really? I am not talking about the laser itself which is obviously dangerous, but the light and the need for glasses.
I mean, several time, for this or that reason, I’ve watched the laser beam, from one meter or more, without glasses. How bad is it really to do that. It seems to me that the glasses are important if you have to watch the beam for a long time, but not if it’s just a glance or even a minute…

Could you enlight me about that subject ?

Watching the beam itself isn’t horrible, though it’s a bit like looking at the sun - over time it can cause damage. The problem is that if you got a reflection of the laser, even for a very short time, it could leave a blind spot in your retina because it will destroy those cells. You wouldn’t notice right away because your brain does a good job of filling in missing detail, but it will do damage, and blind you over time.

The spot where the laser hits and burns is also incredibly intense, and even indirect glare from that can cause damage, which is why many laser glasses are also tinted.

A different way of looking at this: you get one pair of eyes for your whole life. Is it worth risking them?

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And so the wood itself can do this reflection ?
Anyway, you convinced me !

It’s unlikely, but not impossible - some wood has foreign material to fill voids, and it’s possible for the beam to miss, or go through, and reflect off whatever is under the wood too.

Crazy ! I’ll be careful.
2 questions:
What is the life duration of the laser ?
What country are you from ? To know if i can use cm (meter system) with you.

I’m Canadian, so I’m equally fluent in mm, cm, km, lbs, inches, meters, feet, etc. :slight_smile:

The duration of the laser will depend greatly on who made it, whether it’s overdriven, how well it is cooled, and more. I can’t answer that easily.

Okey ! So hello from France.
Is there a kind of average duration ?
One year if you use it 10 minutes every day for instance, or something like that ?

If you fired it at 1% power, you could probably leave it on for a year with no harm. If you fire it at 100% power, and it’s not properly cooled, it might last seconds. If it is properly cooled, it will die sooner than if you fired it at 1%, but again, that varies a lot based on how it’s rated, how efficient the cooling is, and more. A diode should last a decade, but in practice they rarely do. You’re best off thinking of it as a consumable part, similar to a CO2 machine, where it will likely have to be replaced every couple of years, possibly sooner if it was cheap.

Well I bought the one that comes with Ortur. Is it cheap ?
What do you mean by propely cooled ? During the action, the place mustn’t be too hot and some air movement is preferable ?
My question comes from the fact that it’s quite long to receive a new one, so should I buy one in advance, knowing that I’m testing it a lot now, but I need it for real in one month for a project…

Properly cooled means that the heat sink and fan around the laser is adequate. I can’t say for sure if the Ortur laser qualifies or not.

Ok, thanks for all your advises !

Hello ! Do you trust the glasses Obtur send with the engraver ? They are 5€ glasses…

An other question. How don you deal with this kind of trouble ? A group inside a group inside a group. Lightburn doesn’t want ta engrave it as it should. Here’s the projectCapture d’écran 2021-03-19 à 18.43.00 I am talking about.
Thanks !

How do you mean “doesn’t want to engrave it as it should”? That doesn’t tell me what it actually did. What does it look like in the preview or the output?

It looks like that when it should draw the head of the fish but not inside.

The inside shape is probably not closed correctly. Select it, then choose Edit > Close Selected Shapes with tolerance and move the slider to see if if it will close the shape for you.

There is still one line staying unclosed (there was 2). And it’s a line that I don’t need. Is there a way to simply erase it ?

Select it and press the Delete key.