Image shifting between lightburn and reality

Hi, I’m using an Xtool D1 pro (10w). I’m a new user. I’m trying to make a keychain for my son on leather. I worked hard to set up a sort of “jig” to hold the keychain in place. So the larger “non-output” shape is the shape of the keychain. The smaller image in the lightburn file/screenshot is my target.

If you compare the positioning of the image on the lightburn jig, it looks like its near the top of the jig. But in the actual engraving, its lower on the keychain, moving into the stitching. Is it a setting I have wrong? Did I not account for something correctly?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that when I start the engraving I have the crosshairs of the laser head over the top left corner of the hole in the jig.


lightburn corban keychain.lbrn2 (521.9 KB)

We might need a bit more info on how you set up this jig, was it digital only, or did you do something like cut out the shape of the tag from cardboard and then place the leather into it and engrave it?

Thanks for the response. Here is more information:
The jig is simply a hole cut in a 3mm piece of basswood (photo attached). Its cut to the dimensions of the keychain (though admittedly it could use a small amount of fine tuning). Iignore the line that is adjacent to the jig (it was just part of another test of mine to make sure i knew how to run the laser).

So, when I place this jig on the laser, I have it placed horizontally. I have the laser lined up with the upper left corner of the jig and I used the file I uploaded before to try and place the design. But to me the location of the design on the keychain and the design on the software don’t seem to match up.

I would suggest watching this jig video probably the easiest way to make a jig.


Hi Rob
Thanks. Do you think this will fix the orientation? I didn’t want to cut a large number of holes with my little diode laser only to find out it is still oriented incorrectly. I added a screenshot of my lightburn set up so you can see what I saw on lightburn before burning. The only reason the image is so high on the design is that when I framed it it seemed low. And then after burning, it still seemed low to me.

I centered your circle and changed the outline to a Tool Layer so not to cut, only Framing…
lightburn corban keychain_centered.lbrn2 (523.0 KB)
Tools worth learning:

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thank you…i’ll read these things and try to improve

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ok, i appreciate the help on this,but how do i change the tool layer back into a cut layer? I need to recut the jig (to have a better centered space for the keyring). I don’t know how to use the frame you made for the keychain to make the larger jig. Is there a way to copy and paste the shape to a new page, make it cuttable and try again?


Select the tool shape and click the blue C01 square.

No need a new “page”, select both shapes and Edit → Duplicate ( or CTRL + D) then move to another place on your workspace.
If you want to make it larger after you select the shapes you can input numbers in the width/height boxes drag the corner angles or Offset the shapes…