Image sizing problems

I put in a design into Lightburn and it is only around 5" by 8" and the controller says its too big…this machine is supposed to cut up to 20"x28" so I’m confused on why it’s not working or what have I done wrong…

Are you getting the visible design such that it exceeds the displayed workspace? If not, consider that there may be stray objects about. Sometimes I manage to build tiny circles way out in la-la land. I use Control-A to select all and note that the bounding box extends well beyond the design. Rubber-banding a select box will allow you to find and delete the trouble makers. Selecting the desired design and using Invert Selection will accomplish the same options.

The controller says something about the XY axis. I’m super new to this type of laser so not sure if I set up wrong or what.

The details are the important part here. We need to know what you have, how its set up, what you have told LightBurn you have, and how you set this job up, as a start. I tried to find some of this information by clicking your profile. I’m not familiar with this laser, if that is what this is. :slight_smile:

Please, share away…and we will help get you sorted.

I am using a HP windows 10 laptop with Orion Motor Tech CO2 Laser Engraver, 60W 28"x20" Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine with Autofocus, Debris Collection, Redesigned Ruida Control Panel, LightBurn Software.

The control panel is reporting something at the location of X -132.3, causing this error, as it is outside the bounds of your machine.

First, try this, with everything selected as you are showing above, choose ‘Edit’→’Invert Selection’ or press “Ctrl + Shift + I” (or “⌘ + Shift + I” on Mac). Anything selected becomes unselected, and anything unselected is now selected. This should show any shapes that fall outside the working space.

Do you find anything? Additionally, you can double-check, what happens if you have ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ turned ON (green), with only the shapes inside the workspace are selected? Do you get the same message on the controller HMI?

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