Import gimp layers?

I have an gif image of Marvin the Martian

After being processed by Gimp into layers.

Can lightburn associate layers using Gimp files? Big assumption here…

I know Tiff files can store layer information. I believe I tried all of the export’able’ Gimp file types but no luck.

I guess the problem is I cannot ‘ungroup’ the image when imported.

I’ve found few things I can’t do in LightBurn… Any suggestions?

Installing the latest version of GIMP allowed me to open your layered file. GIMP allows one to export to PDF, although it will be bitmap PDF. During the export, you can specify each layer is to be a separate page and the import to LB will request which page to import. I was able to import all seven pages, although the image was inverted (negative). Once imported, one will have to trace the bitmaps to create paths.

I simply viewed your gif file, imported into LightBurn, then did ‘Trace Image’, set result to ‘Fill’ and hit ‘Preview’. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rick… I think I’ve done a lousy job of telling you what I’m trying to do.

Each color in the original is on it’s own layer. The thought being to allow me to change the scale with some other kind of fill rather than a grayscale. I would like to fill each of the ‘colors’ with a cut from the ‘cut settings editor’ with various available fills.

I can get a grayscale, I want the shapes to be filled with pattern, not a dot grayscale or dither.

Does that make sense?

Fred. Thanks. I did load it but it seemed to complicate the process. Such as how do I keep all the parts lined up? It is kind of slow and clunky hack. Seems to be workable no matter the pain. Might do better doing the negative in Gimp… Thanks again.

Ah, so you want options for changing the fill settings for different parts of this image? You didn’t give me time to work some of that magic, dang! Ok, hold for a moment…How’s this? :wink:

Fast edit and by no means complete, but the workflow in LightBurn might be easier than the way you are currently trying. Now I have to ask, what do you mean by, “I want the shapes to be filled with pattern”? A pattern of what?

Edit: One key to help is using the Offset tool to provide distinct fill shapes. Note the Black offset of Green and Black offset of the Red layer(s). Small, like 1mm or so.

Thanks again Rick… Maybe, but I’m not sure or clear…

If I have a circle and square, both on different ‘layers’, like in this screenshot:

The only difference is in the ‘cut setting editor’ under the scan angle.

Both of these were filled from those options.

I’d like to do this with the different parts of Marvin. Rather than make it like a photograph.

Maybe you’re doing that and I’m too tired to see it…

It’s my bedtime, so excuse me if I missed something. Will tune in tomorrow…


Thanks… Guess I was too tired at that time. I think you have it from this last shot. I’ll get back to you asap…

Thanks (8’)

Not getting your results… I loaded the same gif and used your settings in the Trace tool. I had one layer. I see two in your screen shot. What other step created the extra layer in the screen shot you sent me originally?

The last one with the layers detailed seems to be what I want, but your instructions on how to get there were non existent. All of a sudden you have multiple layers in the very last screen shot.

Did you de-group and manually select the components to put them on a specific layer?

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I did offer some strong clues with the above. :wink: Yes, I added distinct fill shapes as mentioned, then set the fill differently to provide the different fill effects. I did the using the ‘Offset Shapes’ tool. Then set that new shape on a different layer.

Additionally, a solid understanding of how LightBurn uses boundaries to toggle fills on a layer.

Below, I will add a distinct fill to Merv’s shirt using the ‘Offset Shapes’. (click on image to zoom)

Here is the file. I have not made any adjustments for power and speeds. You must set speeds and power for your environment. Marvin01.lbrn (304.4 KB)

Definitely helpful. I need to work with it a bit to see if I understand it… Hopefully anyone with a laser knows to check feeds and power before running something… Thanks (8’)

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