Importing images automatically for super fast operations!

Hi all!

So I am in the process of automating my laser operations as much as possible since this has become a significant part of my time.

I heavily use the variable text features to generate variable qrCodes and… well… variable text.

I also need to import images and this is where I’m stuck. I have the paths to my images in my csv file and I would like a way to make my images “variable”.

I know this has already been asked here, and I’m trying to bring more love to this feature!

Since the team has announced that galvo lasers / laser markers will soon be supported, I guess this would be even more valuable in that context.

Of course another way to solve that problem would be a python interpreter or Lighburn API, which would be awesome and would also unlock a variety of other possibilities.

So in short my question is: is there a workaround that I can use today and if not, between python / API and variable images, which is the feature that is the most likely to happen in the foreseeable future?

Thank you very much in advance!!


Hi Vivien,

Have a look at the technical request tool to see if your request is being worked on.

If it is there, vote for it. If it’s not there I think you can add new suggestions.

First off - Are you files actual images, or are they vector content? I ask because this would actually be easier to implement with images than with vectors.

Thanks! I didn’t know, I will check!

Both. They are whatever my clients gave me as their logo, but I can convert to the format that is the most suitable first if needed.
So say they are bitmap images, could I do it?

Not yet, but it would be easier for us to do a substitution on a bitmap, because it’s a single entity, instead of a collection of vector shapes. That said, I’ve got ideas for how to do this with vectors as well. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it’s on our radar.


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