"Variable Icon" feature like "variable text"

Would it be possible to use CSV cell to indicate the file location on disc so we could assign each fusion its proper text & image?
Or, can we put svg code in a cell? (less efficient but usable)
That would be nice :slight_smile:

Interesting idea, though I think it would need a specific “Image” tool that has parameters where the variable path could be used.

Another option might be to have the Library function as the source, allowing the same thing but using the Library reference names?

Library ref names ? Yeah, good for me :slight_smile:

Took me 2 days for 50+ of them.
The use of csv file was helpful.
Same functionality on library drawings would have been so time saving…

This has actually been suggested before, and discussed offline internally - I think it’s possible. We’d have to create a “File Reference” object that you could place, orient, and scale, and the system would perform the import just before doing the path planning. It’s something we’re still thinking about, and haven’t gotten into implementation yet, but I see good value in the idea, so it’ll happen.

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