Importing SVG from Affinity Designer 2

Hello everyone,

I know this was already talked about, but I can’t seem to find a working solution.
I have vector design created in Affinity Designer 2, and either I copy paste it, or export to SVG, LB doesn’t seem to be importing it correctly.

I’ve already

  • checked export / import configurations, I’m using the same DPI
  • exported from Affinity Designer 2, open in Inkscape with success, export from Inkscape and open in LG, again, same issue
  • Copy/Paste directly from Affinity Designer 2 to LB

Important notes

  • this design uses custom installed font, although if I create the design from scratch, I can select that font on LB

Can someone help me out?
Thanks a bunch!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If willing, please post these files (LightBurn file, Affinity file, Exported SVG, and the same from Inkscape) for review. :slight_smile:

If you convert the text to a path before exporting to SVG does it import correctly?

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converting to path (called curves in Affinity Designer 2) worked perfectly!

Thanks a bunch! <3

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Although I do have a solution for this issue, it would be wonderful to avoid converting to curves for ease of use in LB and general workflow :slight_smile:

I should’ve provided the resources in my original post, so here it goes!




(It automatically adds as pictures, so right click → save)

I see a lot of people working successfully, so I’m for sure doing something wrong…

Thanks for the prompt response people!
You rock!

When you export SVG from Affinity, select “Export text as curves”.

Glad that workaround works.

Sounds like the issue is isolated to font handling somehow.

It might an issue with the font you used. Is that a TrueType font? Is it special in some way? Perhaps a variable font, a font with ligatures, something advanced that LB doesn’t support?
I made a quick test, typing a text in Inkscape, giving it a font I have installed myself on my Windows computer, then copy / pasting the design in LB, and it displayed the font OK.

It is annoying to have to do a special treatment for some cases, for example LB has issues with clones (ie. “use” feature of SVG) so we have to unclone them, but at least it is a good workaround.
Note: write the simplified file elsewhere, don’t overwrite the original file. You might need to edit the text, which cannot be done after converting it.

Thank you. We continue to refine and enhance the support provided for different file formats, so this will help further these efforts. :slight_smile:


The thread Font not rendering correctly - specific font has a similar case.
It appeared that some fonts, probably made by amateurs, might not respect all rules for fonts.
Some softwares can cope with them, others won’t (probably depending on the font engine they use; some softwares might share the same).
Good to know.

Can you email the font you used to so I can install it and try to see what’s happening here?

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