In the mean time till controller board resupply

I’m new to forum. I’ve place my order for the camera and meter but just missed the stock of boards. (fingers crossed for 4/27)

But in the meantime to satisfy my mental shopping exercise as a way to feed my shopping addiction lol

I was curious, if anybody knows of a moderately cost effective lcd graphics display that can be used along with the cohesion3d laser board and lightburn software?

In advance thank you and any apologies for having a bad case of the Noobs Syndrome (Lol)


Hi Madison,

Your question about Cohesion3D products is better suited for the actual Cohesion3D Forum. If you post there, we’ll be happy to answer your questions. :slight_smile:

Thank you
I understand that this is probably a really dumb question but where exactly is that fourm?

Just click the link Pete provided: image

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