In the menu MOVE - Get position - where does the U: stand for?

Hi , my home made laser table does what it has to do , my z axis addon works perfect for focussing inclusive my touch probe.
But what does the info U: do , nothing happens.

Thnx in advance.

If you had a U-axis that information would be shown there.

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sorry , a U axis ? , is that implemented in grbl ? and or in lightburn ? really dunno this one, my guess is not.

Most lasers are x and y , some z axis is to be controlled by light burn , so i made an stepper to add z axis control , works like a charm , manual, and added a probe switch, hit on te spot every time , in stead of the probe switch on cnc with a contact plate.

This might be worth your review.

Ordinary CNC machines have XYZ linear axes. Add a rotary table or a gimballed holder and you need ABC rotary axes. Really fancy CNC machines need UVW linear axes for active tooling.

And then you have machines with non-Cartesian joints, which gets into non-trivial kinematics.

Why Ruida uses the U axis for what everybody else calls the Z axis has always baffled me, but I suppose it made sense at the time.

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