Inconsistent engraving (too light) around letters

This is leatherette. It lasers fine until the letters come up and every engraving gives the same result. Current power is 25% and 350 mm/s. If I raise the power, the troubled issue goes away and engraves correctly but everywhere else gets burnt too deep and burns through almost. I’ve tried slowing the laser down to 200 mm/s and 20% power and it gives the exact same result. I’m wondering if it could be the power supply or tube? Possibly when the power supply switches on and off so fast it causes it trouble? Or same scenario with the tube? Any thoughts are appreciated.

I have to add, I’ve also tried special mode vs common mode engraving and special mode helped for a minute then didn’t do much. That’s part of the reason I think it may be the power supply.

Doesn’t look like a power supply issue to me.

Leatherette is nearly always pvc-based.

I won’t use it.

I’ve used it in my previous laser for a year and never had problems with corrosion.

You said, “if I raise the power” - Is this with your 60w machine? What did you raise the power to?

Yes, on my 60w. I’ve raised the power to 30% which makes the words and surrounding area correct but then it is too deep on top and bottom which eliminates the possibility of uneven bed or out of focus

Have you tried going up by smaller increments? The jump from 20% to 30% is pretty big. I’d go up to 25%, and if that works, back off to 22.5%, etc. See if you can narrow in on a setting that works.

I’ve tried that, it seems like 30% is the lowest that makes the text work well. Could it be a bad tube or power supply?

It’s feasible, I suppose. When the tube is firing, what color is the plasma? (deep pink / purple is good, pale / white is bad)

The tube is the correct color, so it’s possibly the supply. What I think is it’s not a consistent power when switching on and off below a certain interval. Like I said, I’ve tried slower and it still has the same effect. My previous laser worked flawlessly on leatherette so I’m probably going to get a new power supply or just put a 40w tube in that can handle more consistent lower powers.

I suspect this may be caused by the engraving settings in your Ruida controller. Or, you have obtained some leatherette made of vinyl (in the past you may have been fortunate and used leatherette made from something other than vinyl) and the corrosive gasses are taking their toll on your lens.

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