Incorrect factor for feed rate difference between linear and rotation axis

I am working with Snapmaker Ray and the current Lightburn version 1.6.03
My problem is like Andr3w in his question Rotary engraver burning lighter on the X axis than on the Y axis
But the rotation axis is fixed in Snapmaker Ray, so I can’t use Andr3w’s solution and change the steps/mm in the machine settings and then set up the rotation separately in the rotation module.
I can only select axis A in the rotation module. The default value is then Fix 360degrees/turn
I looked in the G code, LB rewrites the feedrate F in every line. If I move on X or Y, this corresponds to my created value from the layer. However, if I add the rotation, it decreases as the distance on A increases.

snipped from a circle, for example
G1 Y-0.013 A-2.268 S30 F75.76
G1 Y-0.088 A-2.17 F527.83
G1 Y-0.421 A-3.853 F1301.65
G1 Y-0.645 A-3.13 F2016.97
G1 Y-0.824 A-2.207 F2563.72
G1 Y-0.959 A-1.086 F2905.62

This burns too low at the vertices with the most rotation, while the edges with the most linear movement are almost invisible.
The feed rate control function is going in the wrong direction in my opinion. If I move on two axes, F should be reduced because F of the two axes adds up. If I only drive on one axis, I should be back at 100% of the specified speed…

What am I missing here, what setting is involved?
Thanks for looking

Check this thread.