Increase Lightburn GUI display line width?

On my Macbook pro 13" laptop display 2560x1600, vector lines are displayed so thin it’s very difficult to work with them if they are not high contrast layers like black or dark blue. Is there a config file setting or other preference that can be edited to increase the line display width? They appear to be the same width as the major grid lines (10mm intervals in my setup) and should be 2x or so wider to not blend in.

I’ve searched and seen this question asked but not answered, this is not a how do I burn fatter lines, it’s a how do I make them visible on a high-resolution screen in the software. Thanks!

Edit, I see here a few years ago it says it would slow down rendering considerably, but I don’t do anything render intensive when manually drawing and moving shapes. I’m new to lighburn from creating laser files in illustrator. Draw thicker lines

Welcome! Please show us what you see to assist in our understanding.

Here I show my MacBook Pro 15" (15.4" 2880x1800) display showing every layer color as a comparison.


Thank you, I’ve been toggling “show” on and off to hide layers, but didn’t realize that output off would dim them also, and most of my layers were toggled off.

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