Increase the air flow

When I run some wood there is a ton of smoke that somewhat blows away with the airflow I have, but was wondering if there’s a way to increase the amount of air that blows away the fumes. I have a c02 150w laguna laser. With ruida controller and I use lightburn

Sounds like you have an engraving set up instead of a cutting set up. either that or you have it hooked to a wimpy compressor. Please don’t tell me you are using that little hair spray can they call an air compressor to cut with.

Hi, do you use the existing exhaust fan that came with the machine?
Does it have the flaps that open when it’s turned on?
If so if you can open the front while you’re engraving/making smoke and check the flaps are opening, i had a similar problem with the cabinet filling with smoke even after i added a larger external exhaust fan.
The problem turned out to be the flaps were not opening, catching on the flexi-exhaust.
used a thin piece of wood to push them open and they stayed open(result) as i was too lazy to undo the pipe again. :grin:

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