Inkscape SVG with Clipping, not mask

Hi, I wanted to use an SVG that was a clipped version of something, but it imports the clipping circle above (with slight, ~10%, overlap) the image to be clipped. I tried an Inkscape SVG format file and the Plain SVG format, both identical results.
I found you previously said masks are unsupported SVG Import Shows edits in the SVG Program (Inkscape) and I know it’s a small team, but any progress on that and does clipping fall into a similar category?
Mostly I was just bemused at the 10% of the image that came through and how offset the two objects that appear are…

Zip of assets:

Original image:

Plain SVG format

Inkscape svg format

Strange the SVG images don’t work in this forum, they went into a github issue fine Inkscape SVGs cause .Net error in Windows Explorer preview panel, first dialog can be closed but background dialog is infinite · Issue #18442 · microsoft/PowerToys · GitHub

I’m playing with this now. The graphic and the circular mask were grouped when imported - but yes it masked and allowed about 10% as you show. I ungrouped and moved the circle mask to the Knot and it was all there.

I don’t have any Inkscape experience but several of the devs do. I’ll ask the dev team what the difference is and if this is expected and known behaviour.

In the mean time Check out this video on LightBurn’s mask tool.

To be fair I’m an amateur in inkscape. Thanks for checking this out, and especially for posting the video, it’s really useful.
The first bit about tool layers is the most useful, I saw the T1/T2 layer boxes and assumed it was for toolchanger compatible machines to choose the tool. Doh!
I’ve marked your video as the solution for now, until further info about the inkscape images from the devs.

<TLDR> The T1/T2 layer buttons allow shapes/objects (which can be used to clip/mask) without getting cut/engraved.

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