Install limit reached

I have a need to install lightburn on a differern Pc, as my old one has died, but I get the message that the activation key limit has bee reached. I only have one laser

Hello. I wanted also to ask about this limit. I have 3 or 4 install out of 10 limit from licence portal. It can resetted? If yes, how ca we?

Thank you very much I will give it a try.

You can’t alter the limit, but we can. It’s set to 10 as an arbitrary number just to keep people from sharing keys and abusing the system. If you’ve had a troublesome computer or just run out of activations because you’ve moved it a couple times we can increase the limit easily.

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I have a legitimate copy that I bought and renewed, but for some reason I Cant log on it says that i don’t have a account. Im sure I have been o there before. Can you help me please.

You’re probably trying to log in to our web site, which isn’t the same as the license portal.

Blake posted this already, but follow the instructions carefully:

Thank you very much I’m in now

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