Install on new computer

Can you tell me how to install on a different computer please

Install and enter your key, is this not working for you?

It says… Access to this file has been removed. Contact the merchant for access

Thank you!

What is “IT”? Where are you getting this message? You should be able to visit here, download and install the one you need and enter the key.

Is this not working?

It is working. Thank you!

But it did remove it from my other computer and I can’t reinstall. Can’t I have it on 2 computers?

So back to calling things “it”. “It removed it”? This makes no sense without greater context and requires assumptions for any understanding. We are wanting to provide answers - help you successfully utilize LightBurn, but you need to engage with more words and clarity. Please keep in mind, we are not there to “see” what you are observing.

Yes, if you have a standard LightBurn License. Looking into our systems using your email address, I see you have LightBurn installed and activated on two computers currently.

I also see you have access to our License Management Portal where you can allocate your 2 seats as you’d like. Read how to do so here:

Understood. I’m sorry about that. When I open lightburn on the first computer I can not open the program any longer. I tried to put in the license code and still could not open. Thank you

Sorry, but what does this mean? When I open, I can not open is very confusing.

LightBurn won’t just “not open” - it will give you an error message. Can you tell us what that error message is?

For example, a common one is “activation limit reached”, which would mean the software thinks you’re trying to activate on more computers than the license is set to allow. This one happens if you just delete the software from an old computer, but don’t deactivate the license from it.

We can do this for you, or show you how to, but we’d need to know if that was the error in order to know this is the correct solution, hence why Rick is pushing you for specific details.

License system error. Activation limit for key has been reached.

You have a desktop machine on your license key that was activated back in March, but not used since. I’ve removed it. You should be good to activate on the other system now.

You can also do this yourself, using our license portal <== click that link and follow the directions.

Excellent. Thank you so much for all the help

Albert, can you stop this please? If you’re so worried about your money, I’ll refund you and you can take this nonsense somewhere else, otherwise please be patient while our license provider figures out what’s wrong with the offline activation. I’m as frustrated as you are.

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Lightburn is the best program for laser cutters hands down, their customer service is by far the best in speed and performance. How many tech support will help you on weekends? Lightburn has and will. Your whining will not speed the process. I can tell you from experience Oz and crew will do whatever is needed and if they could have fixed your issue in 5 minutes they would have if it takes 6 or 60 hours rest assured they are on it and not ignoring your needs.

I agree. Wonderful customer service. Great product

Hi Oz
I apologise for venting my frustration in the forum, we are on lockdown here in the UK & i am in a high risk category & do not leave home, this can be very difficult at times & my laser engraver puts a little bit of normality back in my life so please accept my apology, i know you are doing everything you can to help & I appreciate your help. Thanks, Albert


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