Installation sans internet

I would like to buy Lightburn but for my computer in my garage which is not connected to Internet how to do?
thank you

LightBurn provides a way to use the software with an offline activation license. ‘Offline Activation’ means that the computer doesn’t have to be connected to a network at all. This can be found under ‘Help’→’License Management’.

Get an AP range extender for your garage - ~$25-50

I use cheap second-hand wifi routers that support extending the wifi

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Thank you for your answers
but after if it has an update on my pc workshop or it does not have internet how do we reinstall everything?
thank you

You would do the same as you do initially, but I may not be understanding your question correctly.

redo like the first time so ask again for an offline activation?
thank you

Sorry, I have not made this very clear.

To update LightBurn on a system using the Offline Activation option, you simply need to download and transfer the new release to the offline system and run the install again and LightBurn should keep the activation without you needing to do anything further.

ok merci :two_hearts:

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