Installing light on new latop with c and d drives

I have been using lightburn for about 9 months now, so got a new laptop with 2 hard drive and 3 usb ports .Windows 10 os. I plug in the cable from my laser (foxalien laser) the lase show that is connected. I installed lightburn on the c drive and my data is on d drive. the software does not connect to the laser. I have my old computer with lightburn and it work great. I would liketo get lightburn working on the new computer with a biggger screen HAELP


When you start Lightburn, do you get a pop-up like this? Or does it just open the program straight away?

No straight to Lightburn

You probably need to run Lightburn as administrator for it to access the available serial/USB ports.

-Close Lightburn

-Right click on the Lightburn shortcut

-Choose Properties

-Choose the Compatibility tab

-Check the “Run as Administrator” box

-Click OK

-Re-launch Lightburn

You will have to click the “Yes” button every time on the above pop-up. This is just Windows being annoying with some CYA letting you know you are letting Lightburn access you system’s protected bits. :wink:

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If you installed to a new computer system, you likely need to install a driver for the laser.
This is a common one for the Chinese diode engravers: CH340 Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux

I tried to install the drivers but got an error no explanation. Check my profile and I am the admin.

What error was presented? How did you know there was an issue and the installation of this driver did not succeed?

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