Invert Engrave or Fill

I read all the posts about inverting a fill or engrave but I am not getting the result I want.
I used the Intersect feature to “overlay” an image on another, worked great. I can’t figure out how to invert what is being filled. I read everything on how to draw a box around the image but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to get the result I am looking for. Basically, I want the white to fill as opposed to the black.

Sorry for the newbie question :slight_smile:


You want the cobweb to be black?

You’re on the right track drawing a box around the image. Make sure its on the same layer and the layer is set to fill

If you don’t want a black edge (as above) I think you will have to close the open line segments and open the closed lines at the edge

I’d suggest using the offset tool. And just as @AlanRichard mentioned, the offset should be on the same layer.

During this demonstration of Booleans, the scan logic is mentioned:

Here is a good description of how LightBurn uses boundaries to define the area to be filled.

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