Inverted image with Snapmaker 2

I am finding that when I try to print a picture in a dithering mode in Lightburn, Snapmaker prints as if it is an inverted picture and I am not sure what setting may be causing this. Anyone else experience this and have a solution?

Maybe Snapmaker and Lightburn could communicate and make nice-nice to solve the issue?

I found this thread on the Lightburn forum, but the solution did not work for me.

Yes, I have already seen the post for setting up the Snapmaker with Lightburn but it is for an older version of Lightburn.
Pictures below Luban (normal), Lightburn (inverted)

I found this solution and it worked for me:

This is what my experience has been. We cannot use passthrough. I know that a lot of LB users use Imag-r or Da Big Gimpin’ plug in to pre process the image and when it is loaded into LB you are advised to use passthrough but don’t use those other products because SM does not seem to understand what to do if you use passthrough. In order to get out of the dithering inverted picture issue, I uninstalled LB including deleting the folder in programs and installed version 0.9.16. Newer versions may work as long as you never use passthrough. Before I uninstalled, I cleared out the LB preferences by going to File - Open Prefs folder. Once the folder is open, close out of LB and then delete everything in the folder. Once the folder is empty, then I uninstall. This has worked for me and everything has been good as long as I don’t use passthrough.